++ "Live"Ticker ++ Election Night++ Sankt Petri School ++

Time     Event
23:03    Warm-up @ American Fast Food Chain
23:26    Doors open and the first students arrive
23:47    Al Jazeera coverage starts on smartboard of class 11.A
00:01    Official opening of the night and introduction to the food supply by Philipp W
00:13    Everybody has safely arrived and is well accomodated in the classroom of the 11th grade
00:28    Changing to BBC coverage of the election
01:08    First polling stations closed - results from three states: Obama 3 - Romney 18
01:57    the smell of coffee penetrates the room
01:59    strong debates about various results - different US maps from NEW YORK POST to TIME
02:03    Obama takes the lead
02:09    The girls start to watch a movie in the classroom of 12.A
02:17    Teachers and students discuss possible results
02:26    Connecticut is blue
02:27    Obama 77 - Romney 76
02:51    Romney takes the lead: Obama 78 - Romney 82
02:58    Ulrikke and Leon are unresponsive - very focused on themselves...
03:03    New data - Romney leads with 153 to 123
03:15    Another discussion on how Obama could win (between teachers and 11a)
03:23    Peter gives u